Bridge Financing

Artemis is very active in providing bridge financing collateralized by a senior lien on the underlying real estate asset. Loans can range from $1 Million to $25 Million with terms from 30 days to 3 years. Each loan is unique in that it can include interest coupons structured as current pay or accrual and amortization schedules ranging from interest only to fully amortizing. Artemis's financing can be utilized by owner/operators of real estate (i) to complete new acquisitions or developments; (ii) to recapitalize existing assets; (iii) to repurchase existing debt from current lenders; (iv) to acquire existing performing/non-performing mortgages; (v) to fund plans of reorganization or debtor in possession loans in the context of bankruptcy filings; (vi) for other unique financing situations.

  • Financing Amount: $1 Million to $25 Million
  • Pricing: 8% - 12%
  • Fees: 1 - 4 pts
  • Term: Up to 3 years
  • Amortization: Interest only or Amortizing
  • Security: First Mortgage Lien
  • LTC: Up to 80% (sponsor and asset specific)
  • LTV: Up to 75% (sponsor and asset specific)
  • Lockout: Deal Specific
  • Asset Class: All types of commercial real estate
  • Location: Arizona, S. California, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Colorado